Oscar Solutions

EMR tools and add-ons for OSCAR, making day-to-day tasks more accessible and convenient, helping you better care for your patients.


What is Oscar Solutions?

OSCAR Solutions are tools and add-ons that are fully integrated with the OSCAR EMR, making day-to-day tasks more accessible and convenient both for care providers and patients. Some of the tools available with Oscar Solutions include:

  • miDASH patient portal with online appointment booking
  • IntelliFY text and email appointment reminders
  • Rapid Rx electronic prescription renewals (in Ontario only)
  • IntelliDASH clinic dashboard

key features

Oscar Solutions Functionality

Find out more about the core features of our OSCAR Solutions tools and add-ons, which fully integrate with your OSCAR EMR.

miDASH patient portal

  • Web-based patient health portal to access personal medical information
  • Automated online booking system allows patients to make appointments and confirm upcoming bookings electronically – reducing no shows
  • Patients can book telehealth video appointments
  • Patients can review results of lab tests, screenings, and panel measurements
  • Patients can view current/active medications and request e-refills (Ontario ONLY)
  • Secure bi-directional patient/provider messaging
  • Reduce time clinic staff spend making and receiving calls that address routine matters

IntelliFY appointment reminders

  • Automated SMS or E-mail reminders to patients
  • Patients can confirm/cancel appointments electronically
  • OSCAR EMR autoupdates per patient’s response

IntelliDASH clinic dashboard

  • Harvests clinical and operational data to provide real time feedback
  • Performs clinical and intelligence analysis

RapidRX prescription refills

  • Pharmacists can view patient’s existing medication list, and send electronic refill request to physician, on behalf of the patient
  • Physicians can accept, reject, or modify requests
  • Pharmacists notify patient when refill is ready
  • Save time by eliminating typical fax/paper communications between physician’s office and pharmacy
  • Available in Ontario ONLY

Review Lab Results

With miDASH patients can review results of their lab tests and screenings.

See Active Medications List

Using miDASH patients can view current/active medications and request e-refills to their family physician (Ontario ONLY).

Book Appointments Online

The miDASH automated booking system allows patients to make appointments and confirm upcoming bookings electronically – reducing no shows.

Appointment Reminders

With intelliFY, send out automated SMS or E-mail appointment reminders to patients 24/48/72 hours prior to an appointment. Patients can then confirm/cancel appointments electronically, reducing no-shows. EMR auto updates per patient response.

Clinical Analysis

IntelliDASH captures processes and outcome measures to improve clinical performance and enhances financial overview analysis to optimize billing and efficiency.

Electronic Prescription Refills (Ontario only)

With RapidRX (available in Ontario only) pharmacists can view patient’s existing medication list, and send refill request to physician, on behalf of the patient. Physicians can then accept, reject, or modify the request. Pharmacists notify the patient when the refill is ready.

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